Ilham Maimouni

Postdoc @ ESPCI

Dr. Ilham Maimouni is a research engineer with a PhD (2017) in fluid dynamics obtained at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, France. During her PhD, Ilham worked for Schlumberger, at Schlumberger Riboud Product Center (SRPC), on the stability of two-phase yield-stress fluid flows, mainly cement slurries muds ones, in oil wells. Today, Dr. Maimouni joined the Microflusa European project (Horizon 2020) that aims at developing pioneering metamaterials using microfluidics technologies in Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes.

Dr. Maimouni has a strong background in materials science, soft matter, micro/nanotechnologies, rheology and fluid dynamics. Her work has been shared in peer reviewed journals and international conference acts.