Maria Russo

Postdoc @ ESPCI

Dr. Maria Russo is a Biomedical Engineer with a PhD in Industrial product and process Engineering achieved in 2017 at University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy. Her PhD thesis was about the designing of a microfluidic platform to produce crosslinked hydrogel nanoparticles for enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging. At the same time, she was a Research Fellow at Centre for Advanced Biomaterials for Health Care of the Italian Institute of Technology (CABHC@CRIB@IIT). To date, Dr. Russo is a Postdoctoral Researcher at École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles ESPCI in Paris, France. She works on the Microflusa Project (Horizon 2020) entitled “Fabrication of colloidal materials with microfluidics”. She has a strong background in nanotechnologies for biomedical applications, in micro-engineering and also cell biology. Her recent research activity focuses on the development of new micro- and nano-systems by using microfluidics. She has participated in various national and international conferences in the field of Nanotechnologies and she has published some articles in prestigious peer reviewed journals.