‌Patrick Tabeling

Director of Microfluidique, MEMS, Nanostructures Group @ ESPCI

Dr. Patrick Tabeling is leader of the group MMN (Microfluidics MEMS and Nanostructures), a prominent team in the field of microfluidics. He is the cofounder of the startup MicroFactory. He occupied various positions at the University: visiting researcher in Chicago University (1984‐1985), Chargé/Directeur de Recherches CNRS in the Department of Physics in ENS (1985‐2001), visiting professor to UCLA, Directeur de Recherches/Professor at ESPCI. He is cofounder of the Institut Pierre‐Gilles de Gennes, and has been its director for the period July 2011‐July 2018. He was professor chargé de cours at the Ecole Polytechnique (1996‐2008). He is the author of 200 papers, 11 patents, 80 invited talks in international conferences; he was divisional editor of Physical Review Letters, Associate Editor of PRF. He is member of Academia Europaea. He published the book entitled “An introduction to microfluidics” (Oxford University Press – a French version being edited by Belin) in 2005.