Paul Chaikin

Professor @ New York University

Paul Chaikin is a Silver Professor of Physics at NYU and co-founder of the Center for Soft Matter Research. He is a condensed matter experimentalist with interests in both soft and hard matter systems. Current research includes: artificial systems that self –replicate and evolve, self-assembly and self-organization, active matter and driven systems, nanolithography with diblock copolymers, photonic non-crystals and low dimensional conductors and superconductors.

Previous positions included professorships in Physics at UCLA, the University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton University where he is the Henry DeWolf Smyth Professor of Physics Emeritus. He has been a consultant at NEC Research, Solvay, MARS, and is a long time consultant at Exxon Research.

He received his B. S. in Physics from Caltech in 1966 and PhD in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He is an elected fellow of the American Physical Society (1984), the Institute of Physics (London) (2004), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2003) and a member of the National Academy of Science (2004)